Our silk eye masks bring you a sweet dream at night and a sound break in the daytime. Our sleep masks are made of 100% natural silk. We use 22 mm silk to make the cover and fill it with pure natural silk. The silk mask itself is soft, smooth, and comfortable to wear. There is no need to worry about eye fatigue and skin friction anymore. We know that you want a lightless good sleep. The pad of 8.07 X 3.54 inches can block natural lights and artificial lights effectively. The head strap is elastic allows for easy automatic adjustability. It’s adjustable for different head sizes. You can pick one for yourself and your family.


100% MULBERRY SILK – The sleep mask is made of 100% silk inside and outside. Super smooth touch on facial skin. Do the handwashing with only cold water. Use only the PH-neutral detergent.

100% SILK LINING – The lining is filled with 100% natural silk. Exterior silk texture and natural silk lining create a speechless soft and comfortable touch feeling. The silky eye mask alleviates eye fatigue and ensures a wholly sweet dream.

DELICATE WORKMANSHIP - Delicate stitches knit and sew the pure silk pocket perfectly. The plicated strap is elastic and adjustable. It’s available to adults with different head sizes.

SAFE AND FUNCTIONAL - The silk thickness is 22 m/m, creating a safe, breathable touch at night. The pad size is 8.07 X 3.54 inches, wide enough to stop natural lights in the daytime allowing you to rest easy even in the day time. The silk eye mask is portable letting you take noon breaks and napping during travel.

MULTICOLOR – There are nine colors for choice, namely silver, sage green, Sakura pink, champagne, rose gold, peach pink, black, dark blue, and gold. The luxurious cluster decorates your room in a noble, classical style.