Our jade rollers and Guasha tools are designed for massaging skin. We use quality jade stones and metals to make the massagers which are noise-free. The massage roller is cool and smooth to roll. You can use it to promote blood circulation, eliminate dark cycles, and relax muscles. The ergonomic heart-shaped stone is good for doing facial massage. You can use the Guasha stone to eradicate puffiness, relieve fine lines and wrinkles, relax acupoints and limbs. It’s a very useful gift set to eliminate skin tiredness and nervous tension. You can enjoy a comfortable massaging time at home, at the office, or during travel.


FIRM AND SOOTHE FINE LINES - Rolling exercises can firm skin and soothe fine lines and wrinkles. You can use some creams and moisturizers to help prime skin for a natural glow. It is useful to relieve tension and stress.

DETOX – Long-term use can help improve lymphatic drainage and reduce facial edema. It’s beneficial to detox and improves blood circulation and material metabolism.

COOL THERAPY - Cool the roller in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before using it. The cool massage is good for puffiness eradication and tight skin.

GUASHA TOOL – The heart-shaped jade is very convenient. You can use it to massage your chin, nose, fingers, neck, cheek, forehead, limbs, and acupoints.

DELICATE & POTABLE - The handmade craft is delicate and fragile. Don’t dry hard. Handle with care. Compact size is portable for easy storage and travel. It’s easy to massage skin and limbs on the road.