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BushBalm: Nude 2 Step Bundle

BushBalm: Nude 2 Step Bundle

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Razor burn? Never heard of her. From front to back and side to side, wherever you choose to shave, these products are guaranteed to leave your skin smooth and bump-free.

A deluxe body oil formulated with a hydrating blend of essential and seed oils to help skin feel soft and smooth while improving the look of razor bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving and waxing.

What's in the kit:

Nude Ingrown Hair Oil
soothe + soften (1 fl. oz. / 30 mL)

Nude Exfoliating Scrub
clears pores + hydrates (8 fl. oz. / 236mL)

Skin Types

  • All skin types

Skin Concerns

  • Ingrown Hair

Key Ingredients

See individual product for details.


Jojoba Seed Oil
Helps soften skin while increasing hydration and smoothness.
Tea Tree Oil
Fresh and revitalizing, helps calms skin and reduces redness after inflammation.
Copaiba Balsam Oil
Helps soothe and relieve redness due to dryness, leaving skin looking revitalized and refreshed.
Grapeseed Oil
High in vitamin A & E and phenolic antioxidants, Grape seed Oil infuses skin and body hair with intense, soothing moisture.

How to use

Step 1
Treat yourself to a nice scrub to exfoliate and buff your skin for a radiant glow. Use this scrub 2-3 times a week in the shower.

Step 2
Use your soothing oil day and night. For best results apply within 2 minutes of showering when skin and hair is most absorbent.

Recommended Areas
Bikini line, underarms, legs, neck or anywhere else skin is experiencing redness, bumps, ingrown hairs, or razor burn.


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