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Rejuuv Christmas Tree Scented Candles, Style B

Rejuuv Christmas Tree Scented Candles, Style B

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The Rejuuv Christmas Tree Scented Candle combines aesthetic charm with a captivating northern cedar fragrance. Made with quality wax for a clean, long-lasting burn, this festive addition to your home decor offers 5-7 hours of delightful aroma.

Crafted with Quality: Made from 80% fully refined paraffin wax and 20% soy wax, this candle ensures a clean, long-lasting burn.
Festive Design: Shaped like a Christmas tree and featuring a vibrant green and white color, this candle is a perfect holiday addition to your home decor.
Captivating Aroma: Infused with the soothing scent of northern cedar, this candle creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.
Extended Burn Time: Offering 5-7 hours of burn time, this candle provides long-lasting fragrance that fills your space.
Versatile Use: Whether you're buying it for home use or as a gift, our Christmas tree scented candle is a delightful choice.

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