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Our facial cleansing brush is a smart beauty tool. We use quality food-grade silicone to make the bristles and back massage ridges, which are safe and hygienic. The facial cleansing brush is soft and comfortable to touch. You can use it to smooth facial skin, clean dirt, oils, pore impurities, and makeup residues. The ultrasonic vibration and thermal facial SPA are beneficial to promote blood circulation and skincare absorption, including lotion, essence, serum, and mask elements. You can improve skin firmness and rosy complexion, fade dark circles, and relieve fine lines and wrinkles by facial cleansing, massaging, and exfoliating. The cleansing brush increases skin elasticity and remove skin tiredness at home, at the office, or in hotels.


• SILICONE BRISTLES – The cleansing bristles are made from soft food-grade silicone material, providing safe and hygienic facial cleansing, massaging, and exfoliating. Stronger bristles are perfect for cleansing greasy nose sides, mouth corners, and T area. Fine bristles are good for cleansing pore impurities, and the front U facial area deeply.

• ULTRASONIC VIBRATION – The advanced 3-speed ultrasonic vibration is efficient to remove dirt, oil, and makeup residues with a high vibration frequency. Facial vibrating massage works perfectly to help absorb lotion, essence, serum, or mask elements.

• THERMAL FACIAL SPA – The 2-gear thermal SPA helps relieve skin tiredness, smooth fine lines, and fade dark circles by promoting blood circulation and skincare absorption. Back massage ridges can prime your skin and complexion with a bright glow and youthful elasticity.

• PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE – The compact package is handy to carry. You can put it into handbags and backpacks during travel. The USB charging cable is stored under the brush holder perfectly. It can be charged by power bank, PC, or charger. Weight=85.3g. Battery=500mAh. Charging Time=1.5H.

• IPX7 WATERPROOF – The facial cleansing brush is designed with an IPX7 waterproof function. It can even be immersed in water. The charging port is hidden and closed on the back for stopping water from entering. Plug the cable into the port to charge directly. You can enjoy a comfortable facial vibration massage or thermal facial SPA in bathtubs.

How to use

1. Damp your face.
2. Apply your favorite cleanser on the face or the facial cleansing brush.
3. Press the ON/OFF button to start the brush.
4. Press the Vibration Plus button on the left or the Vibration Minus button on the right to enhance or reduce vibration strength. Three speeds for vibration.
5. Press the Thermal Plus button on the left or the Thermal Minus button on the right to adjust the thermal massage. Only two thermal massage modes.
6. Massage your face gently.
7. Recommended time is not over 20 seconds for cleansing each part on your face.
8. Rinse and dry your face after the facial cleansing, massaging, or exfoliating.
9. Apply facial skincare products on your face.

• Clean and dry the facial cleansing brush after use and before charging.
• Do not use after a plastic surgery, sunburn, and skin infection.
• Keep far away from babies and kids.


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