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Rejuuv Daily Pill Organizer for Pills, Vitamins

Rejuuv Daily Pill Organizer for Pills, Vitamins

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The three-compartment pillbox is made of ABS and food-grade TPR material. It can also hold candy, jewelry, screws, SIM cards, or any other small items other than tablets, vitamins, cod liver oil, and other health-related items. The humanized design allows it to easy to put or hang in pockets, gym bags, wallets, briefcases, etc. The shell is built to block out sunlight to protect the medication from harm. Adjustable medicine outlet, one-hand sliding cover, easy to take out the medicine when the medicine is needed in an emergency. To take the medication in the morning, noon, and evening, you just need to take out a small pillbox every day. This pill case makes it easier for you to store your medications.


• FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL - Made of ABS + food-grade TPR, this pillbox is completely safe for storing a variety of healthcare products such as pills, vitamins, cod liver oil, or other small items.

• 3 LIGHT-PROOF COMPARTMENTS - Light-proof shell is designed to keep the pills from being damaged by the sunlight. One medicine one compartment to avoid mixing, easy to locate the pills you need.

• ADJUSTABLE MEDICINE OUTLET - Slide the cover in one hand saves time and effort when you need medication in an emergency.

• CONVENIENT DESIGN - It can be hung on the keychain, bag, purse, pocket, wallet, briefcase, or whatever you use to carry stuff.

• SMALL & PORTABLE - This pillbox is lightweight and compact (7cm/2.8 inches, 3cm/1.18 inches), making it easy to put in your pocket on a short-term trip.


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