Rejuuv scented candles are made from quality essential oils extracted from plants, 100% natural soy wax, and lead-free cotton wicks. Aromatherapy helps you feel comfortable, relax physically and mentally, and release stress and pressure from work, life, and relationships. Plant and floral fragrances lead you into a quiet, peaceful natural space decorating with mild, profound, passionate, and elegant plant and blossom aromas. The scented candles come with a delicate cup décor – matcha, gray-blue, orange, and champagne colors. Our soy aromatherapy candles are biodegradable and eco-friendly. There are no artificial colors or dye used during production. No black smoke when burning. The clean burn can last for 22 hours. It’s safe and beneficial to your physical and mental health.

You can use it for spas, yoga, meditation, massaging, working, reading, meeting, and dating. They are nice gifts for friends and family on festivals and special days, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Weight = 5.29 oz (150g). Size = 2.76 x 2.76 x 3.15 in (7 x 7 x 8 cm).

  • Matcha cup candle. Top notes - lemon, orange, grape. Middle notes - lavender, lily, rose, and jasmine. Base notes - pollen aroma and ocean aroma.
  • Gray-blue cup candle. Top notes - vanilla, tonka bean, and vetiver. Middle notes - nutmeg, amber, and pepper. Base notes - aloes, jequitiba, and sandalwood.
  • Orange cup candle. Top notes – orange and grapefruit. Middle notes - rose, patchouli and geranium. Base notes - pepper, benzoin, and violet.
  • Champagne cup candle. Top notes - mango, peach, and honey. Middle notes - caramel, raspberry, and orange. Base notes - grapefruit and lemon.



  • Quality essential oils extracted from plants are natural remedies for stress.
  • 100% natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wick bring you a biodegradable, eco-friendly product.
  • Long-lasting clean burn of 22 hours. No black smoke. No artificial colors or dye.
  • Create an aromatic pleasure to release stress and pressure, comfort your feelings, and help you relax.
  • Four fragrances - mild, profound, passionate, and elegant.
  • Delicate cup décor – matcha, gray-blue, orange, and champagne colors.
  • Widely applicable to spas, yoga, meditation, massaging, during work, while reading, in meetings, and on dates.
  • Great gifts for birthdays, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day.



  • Trim the wick to 5-8mm carefully at the first use.
  • Burn the scented candle for 3-4 hours with air circulation in an open space.
  • Always burn candles on a heat-resistant surface away from flammable objects. Do not lay on any slanted level.
  • Use tweezers to put out the candle. Do not blow out with your mouth.
  • Trim the cotton wick carefully after burning and use tweezers to straighten the wick back into the middle.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women.


Key Ingredients

  • Quality plant essential oils.
  • 100% natural soy wax.
  • Lead-free cotton wick.