REJUUV.COM is committed to protecting the personal information (includes personal health information) that our customers provide us.


This Privacy Notice (“Notice”) explains how we collect, use and disclose the customer’s personal information. The information contained in this Notice applies to the customer if the customer has visited REJUUV.COM, called, or emailed us and provided us with the customer’s personal information.


1. Scope and application: 

This policy relates to the customer personal information collected by REJUUV.COM websites, mobile applications and banners. Throughout this policy, we collectively refer to these as “Rejuuv”, “we”, “us” or “our”. 

In this policy, we describe what personal information we collect; how we use, share and manage it; how you can access, update and/or correct your personal information; the privacy choices available to you; and the specific privacy notices relating to certain programs and services that provide you with more information.

Please also refer to any privacy statements available at our websites available to you at the time your personal information is collected. Please note that specific privacy notices and/or additional terms and conditions may apply to how we are collecting and managing your information when you engage with some of our programs, products, services, promotions, contests and/or events. Those specific privacy notices and/or terms and conditions will apply together with this policy. You are required to accept terms and conditions when you register for our Rejuuv Loyalty Programs, Rejuuv Membership Programs, Rejuuv Newsletter, and or Email Subscriptions.

The term “personal data” refers to any information about an identified physical person or a physical person that may be directly or indirectly identified.

We collect information about you in a variety of ways depending on how you interact with us and our products and services, including through our websites, media channels, online and mobile applications, advertisements, and in selected stores. 

In addition to the information that we collect from you directly, we also receive information about you from other sources, including third parties, business partners, our affiliates, or publicly available sources. For example, if you submit a job application, or become an employee, we may conduct a background check.


We restrict the access to personal information to only the employees who need to know that information for the purpose described below. We maintain physical and electronic safeguards that comply with applicable laws to safeguard the customer’s personal information.  To the extent we contract with third party service providers, we ensure that appropriate privacy protection is in place to safeguard against any inadvertent access to the customer’s personal information.




We collect and use the customer’s personal information for the purposes of:

  • To identify you when you visit our websites or our stores.
  • To streamline the checkout process, to provide products and services, and to process returns.
  • To secure online transactions, prevent fraud and payment incidents, and manage debt collection (see our terms and conditions for more details).
  • To manage and optimize customer experience by improving our knowledge of our customers.
  • To propose appropriate, tailored services, particularly when we enhance our products and services.
  • To conduct statistical analyses to develop management, measuring and reporting tools in order to adjust and improve our sales, marketing and product manufacturing.
  • To send marketing and promotional materials, including information relating to our products, services, sales, or promotions.
  • To manage our relationships as well as for internal administrative purposes.
  • Although the sections above describe our primary purpose in collecting your personal data, in many situations we have more than one purpose. For example, if you complete an online purchase we collect your personal data to perform our contract with you, but we also collect your personal data as we have a legitimate interest in maintaining your information after your transaction is complete so that we can quickly and easily respond to any questions about your order. As a result, our collection and processing of your personal data is based in different contexts upon your consent, our need to perform a contract, our legal or regulatory obligations, and/or our legitimate interest in conducting our business.




REJUUV.COM limits the collection of personal information to only the necessary information to fulfill the Purpose identified and in accordance with the requirements set out by applicable law.

Personal information is collected directly from the customer, unless the law permits or requires collection from third parties, custodians or other healthcare providers.

We may ask to collect the following personal information from the customer:

  • relating to the customer’s physical or mental health, including information that consists of the health history of the customer’s family;
  • relating to the provision of health care, including the identification of a person as a provider of health care to the customer;
  • relating to payments or eligibility for health care, or eligibility for coverage of health care;
  • relating to the donation of any bodily substance or derived from the testing or examination of any bodily substance;
  • relating to the customer’s health number; and
  • relating to a person who is acting on the customer’s behalf for treatment purposes (or the customer’s next-of-kin, if appropriate).

In each case we use this personal information for the Purpose, and as otherwise permitted or required by applicable law.

We collect personal information, as defined below, in a variety of ways, including: directly from you, from third parties, through in-store technologies, and when you are interacting with us online or through our mobile applications.

“Personal information” is any information that identifies you or could be reasonably associated with you. The personal information we collect may include contact information such as your name, email address, home address, and phone numbers, as well as information about the specific products and services that you purchase in our spas or from us online, information provided to us in connection with our programs, products and/or services and/or information collected automatically when you interact with us online or visit our various spa locations. 

Personal Information that we collect may include:

Personal transactional information, when you make purchases such as products, treatment package, account transactions and the merchants (name, type and location) that you made purchases from. This type of information is also generated by the use of your loyalty and e-commerce accounts and may include information about your purchases

Personal health information, through the use of any of our healthcare services provided by doctor, nurses, nurse practitioners, healthcare providers which includes any information that identifies or can identify you and relates to the state of your health or the treatment you are receiving. More specifically, personal health information means treatment and care information, and/or registration information with our services. 


The following is a list of examples of the type of personal data we collect from you and how we use that information. 


Information We Collect

Primary Purpose for Collection and Use of Information

Create a customer account

If you create a customer account on one of our websites, apps, or in one of our stores, we collect your name, email address, and the month and day of your birthday, if you choose to provide it. Within your customer account, you can also store additional information such as mailing address, phone number, and payment methods. We also collect information relating to the actions that you perform while you are logged into your account.

We have a legitimate interest in providing account related functionalities to our customers and managing access to customer accounts. Customer accounts can be used for faster and simpler checkout, to save your personal preferences and order history, and receive updates about your order details.

Order goods from our websites

If you place an order on one of our websites, we collect your name, email address, phone number, shipping address, billing address and payment details (payment card number, expiration date, CVV/CVC, etc).

We use your information to perform our contract with you to process your orders and to provide you with the products or services you have requested.

Make purchases in our stores

If you make a purchase in one of our stores, we may collect your name, email address, billing address and payment details (payment card number, expiration date, CVV/CVC, etc).

We use your information to perform our contract with you to provide you with the products you have requested.

Sign up for our mailing list

When you sign up for one of our mailing lists, we collect your email address, phone number, or postal address, depending on your selection.

We share information about our products, services, offers, news and events with those individuals that consent to receive such information. We also have a legitimate interest in sharing information about our products or services.

Participate in surveys

If you choose to participate in a survey or satisfaction questionnaire, we collect information that you provide through the survey. If the survey is provided by a third party service provider, the third party’s privacy policy applies to the collection, use, and disclosure of your information.

We have a legitimate interest in understanding your opinions, and collecting information relevant to our organization.

Contact us

If you contact us, such as via our website, customer service center, or social network pages, we collect your name, contact information (email and/or phone number) as well as any other information you provide to us in order to reply.

We have a legitimate interest in managing customer relations with respect to any requests for information or complaints that we receive. We also have a legitimate interest in responding to inquiries related to support, employment opportunities, and other requests.

Report potential adverse reactions

If you contact us to notify us of an undesirable reaction concerning any of our products, we collect your name, contact information, as well as any other information you provide to us, including specific health data if you choose to provide it.

We have a legitimate interest in receiving, processing, following up, and responding to, your reports as part of our cosmetic vigilance obligations. In some jurisdictions, we are also required by law to record information related to product safety and adverse event reports. We have a legitimate interest in complying with all legal requirements to collect information in the countries in which we operate.

Interact with us on social networks

If you interact with us through our official page on social networks, or if you publish content on a social network or participate in online forums, we collect any content that you choose to provide, which may include your social media handle or account profile.

We have a legitimate interest in communicating with you, understanding your opinions, and providing tailored services and products.

Take part in an event, sweepstakes, contest, or promotion

If you take part in an event, sweepstakes, contest, or other similar promotion, we collect information about you including your name and contact information.

We have a legitimate interest in operating and managing participation in our events, sweepstakes, contest, and other similar promotions. In some jurisdictions, we are also required by law to collect information about those that enter into our sweepstakes. We have a legitimate interest in complying with all legal requirements to collect information in the countries in which we operate.

Apply for a job or become an employee

If you apply for a job with our company, or become an employee, we collect information necessary to process your application or to retain you as an employee. This may include, among other things, our name, contact details, curriculum vitae, application letter, and Social Security Number. Providing this information is required for employment.

We have a legitimate interest in using information about job applicants to manage applications as well as in anticipation of a contract of employment. We use information about current employees to perform our contract of employment. In some contexts, we are also required by law to collect information about our employees. We also have a legitimate interest in using your information to have efficient staffing and work force operations.




We collect personal Information In the following ways: 

Directly from you: 

You may provide personal information to us in our spas, by mail, by email, over the telephone, through our websites or mobile applications or in any other direct manner.

When you voluntarily share information about yourself with us, we will collect that information in order to provide you with our programs, products or services, respond to your inquiry, or for any other purpose disclosed to you at that time.

From Used Technologies at Our Locations 

We may collect personal information through various types of technologies used in our spas. These can include our point-of-sale systems, sales, consultant’s iPad, work phone, treatment or assessment devices, video surveillance. which we may use from time to time.

Through Our Website and Mobile Applications 

We may collect certain types of information electronically when you interact with our websites, email, mobile applications, social media accounts, online advertising, or through the use of our or a third party’s technologies, which include cookies, web beacons, single pixel gifs and other technologies such as Data Management Platforms (DMPs). This information helps us understand what actions you take on our websites and mobile applications and allows our websites and mobile applications to work correctly.

We may combine this information with other information collected in our spas or online such as your online and in-store transaction history. We do this to support our customer understanding using website and mobile analytics and to provide you with more tailored advertising and marketing campaigns. This includes serving interest-based advertising to you, subject to your right to withdraw consent, as detailed in our Interest-Based Advertising and Media Notice.

We may use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze your use of our websites, to create reports about visitor activities for us and to provide further services associated with the use of the websites and the Internet. Although this information is collected through your Google ad settings, it is not provided to us in a personally identifiable format.

You may delete or disable certain of these technologies at any time via your browser. However, if you do so, you may not be able to use some of the features on our websites.


The following is a list of examples of the type of technologies to automatically collect personal data when you browse our website REJUUV.COM use our mobile applications, interact with our content, advertisement, and related features. 


Information We Collect

Primary Purpose for Collection and Use of Information

Cookies and First Party Tracking

We use cookies and other technologies to understand how people use our websites. For more information about cookies, please see the Cookies and Similar Tracking Technology” section below.

We have a legitimate interest in making our websites operate efficiently. We also have a legitimate interest in serving you targeted advertisements.

Where required by law, we will obtain your consent for the deployment of cookies on our websites.

Cookies and Third Party Tracking

We participate in behavior-based advertising. This means that a third party uses technology (e.g., a cookie) to collect information about your use of our website so that they can provide advertising about products and services tailored to your interests on our website, or on other websites. For more information about cookies, please see the “Cookies and Similar Tracking Technology” section below.

We have a legitimate interest in engaging in behavior-based advertising and capturing website analytics.

Where required by law, we will obtain your consent for the deployment of cookies on our websites.

Web beacons, clear pixels, or pixel tags

A “web beacon” (also called a pixel tag or a clear GIF) is a small graphic image placed on website pages, e-mails, advertising, and other marketing communications that can be used for such things as recording the pages and advertisements clicked on by users, or tracking the performance of email marketing campaigns. This may also include information about your device or browser.

We have a legitimate interest in understanding how you interact with our websites to better improve them, and to understand your preferences and interests in order to select offerings that you might find most useful. We have a legitimate interest in understanding the effectiveness of our features and advertising, as well as interactions with our e-mail and advertising. We also have a legitimate interest in detecting and preventing fraud.

Web logs

We collect information, including your browser type, operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address (a number that is automatically assigned to a computer when the Internet is used), domain name, click-activity, referring website, and/or a date/time stamp for visitors.

We have a legitimate interest in monitoring our networks and the visitors to our websites. Among other things, it helps us understand which of our services is the most popular.



We use your personal information to provide you with our programs, products and services, promotions and recommendations to manage our business operations, to communicate offers and information we think might interest you, to generally enhance your customer experience with us, and as permitted or required by law.

We use your information for the following purposes

A. Providing Reward Programs, Products, Services and Recommendations 

  • We use your personal information in order to provide you with our programs, products and services, which include:
  • Providing you with a quote for a treatment package, reward programs, product or service;
  • Verifying your identity;
  • Determining your eligibility for a reward program, product or service;
  • Processing your applications;
  • Creating, administering, and maintaining your accounts (such as for loyalty or any other reward programs);
  • Processing your transactions online or in spa;
  • Fulfilling your product and service requests, inquiries, and purchases;

 B. Managing Our business 

  • Deploying and managing our information technology applications and systems, including managing our websites;
  • Managing and facilitating the use of our websites and mobile applications, which may include using cookies and other similar technology;
  • Enabling your participation in contests, promotions, surveys, chats, seminars or workshops;
  • Maintaining the security of the public and our customers, employees and property (e.g., through video surveillance);
  • Monitoring and investigating incidents and managing claims;
  • Maintaining our programs, products and services, including our loyalty programs and our health and spa services.
  • Meeting our legal and regulatory obligations.

C. Communicating with you

  • Providing you with information and updates about our programs, products, services, promotions, contest, and events. 
  • Responding to your inquiries; 
  • Taking or verifying instructions from you; 
  • If we have your consent, informing you inn a variety of ways (e.g. email, telephone, SMS, direct mail, Wechat, social media platforms, mobile chat applications) about programs, products, services,, special offers, promotions, contents, events that may be of interest to you.
  • Delivering interest-based advertisements relating to our products and services or third party products and services that may be of interest to you. 
  • Subject to your right to withdraw consent, providing you with offers or services based on the approximate location provided by your mobile device (also called "location-based advertising")

 D. Conducting Market Research 

  • We may use your personal information in order to conduct market research by tracking and analyzing current or previously collected information to improve or to develop new products, services, programs, promotions, contests or events, and to better understand our customer base. When doing so, we generally will use your information in an aggregated format or with direct personal identifiers removed.
  • The information we use for market research may include:
  • Purchase history (e.g. the number and amount of transactions by type, location of purchase, product information, brand, quantity purchased, date, time, payment method used, promotional offers used in connection with the transaction, etc.);
  • Website or mobile application activities (e.g. offers viewed, opt-out preferences, email bounce backs, click-throughs, content on social media, and IP addresses);
  • Account activity, balances and payment history;
  • Use of mobile devices interacting with our websites or mobile applications (e.g. use of features, and duration, frequency, type and location of calls and text messages); and
  • The methods used to apply for or to access or use our programs, products, services, promotions, contests or events.

 E. Conducting Data Analytics 

  • We may use your personal information in order to conduct data analytics for business purposes, such as:
  • Managing and developing our business and operations;
  • Improving our programs, products, and services (e.g. improving our websites);
  • Understanding customer needs and preferences and customizing how we tailor and market products and services to our customers based on their interests; and
  • Measuring the effectiveness of our marketing.


We use a variety of technologies such as cookies, web beacons, clear GIF, pixels, internet tags, and browser/web logs to gather information when you visit or interact with our websites, mobile apps, and email communications. We use this information for a variety of purposes, such as to make our websites work properly, to make a user’s experience more efficient, to understand how visitors interact with our websites, and to for advertising purposes.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device by websites you visit. Cookies are either “persistent cookies” or “session cookies.” Persistent cookies allow websites to remember your information and settings when you return to the website or interact with our services repeatedly. Persistent cookies stay on your browser until you delete them or they expire. Session cookies only last for as long as your session and are erased when you close your browser.

The following information explains the cookies we use and why:

  • Necessary and Functional. Some technology is needed for the operation of our website. This includes cookies that enable basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Because our website cannot function properly without this technology, it is always active. Note that while you can set your browser to block this type of technology, doing so may cause some parts of our websites to not work.
  • Analytics. Analytics technologies are primarily used to improve our products, services, and user experiences, including the operation and layout of our website. Analytics may be conducted by us or one of our service providers. Some tracking is used to collect information about how you use our website, such as which pages you visit, how often you visit, and where you are visiting from. If you do not allow us to use analytics cookies and technologies, we will not be able to easily monitor our performance to improve our services.
  • Advertising. Advertising tracking technology, such as behavioral advertising cookies, may be set by us, or by third parties. The technology is used to deliver advertisements that may be relevant to you, to limit the number of times you see an advertisement, to help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, or to understand your behavior after you view an advertisement.

You can set your browser to refuse some or all cookies, or to indicate when a cookie is being sent to your computer. However, this may prevent our websites or services from working properly. You can also set your browser to delete cookies every time you finish browsing. For more information about how to manage browser cookies, please follow the instructions provided by your browser.




In addition to the specific situations discussed elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, we share personal data in the following situations:

  • Affiliates. We share personal data with our corporate affiliates (e.g., parent company, sister companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under common control) including VENTMERE LTD with some of these entities acting as data processors.
  • Business Transaction. If another company acquires, or plans to acquire, our company, business, or our assets, we will share personal data with that company, including at the negotiation stage.
  • Other Disclosures with Your Consent. We may ask if you would like us to share your personal data with other third parties who are not described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy.
  • Other Disclosures without Your Consent. We may share personal data with third parties in response to subpoenas, warrants, court orders, or other requests from legal or regulatory authorities; in connection with any legal process; or to comply with relevant legal, regulatory or treaty obligations. We may also share your personal data in order to establish or exercise our rights, to defend against a legal claim, to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding possible illegal activities, suspected fraud, safety of person or property, or a violation of our policies. In addition, we may share your personal data to comply with your request for the shipment of products to or the provision of services by a third party intermediary.
  • Public Forums. Some of our websites provide the opportunity to post comments or reviews in a public forum. If you decide to submit information on these pages, that information may be publically available.
  • Partner Promotion. We may offer contests, sweepstakes, or other promotions with third party partners. If you decide to enter a contest, sweepstakes, or promotion that is sponsored by a third party partner the information that you provide will be shared with us and with them. Their use of your information is not governed by this privacy policy.
  • Service Providers. We share your personal data with service providers. Among other things, service providers help us to administer and maintain our websites, send communications, provide technology solutions at counters in our stores, conduct surveys, assist with customer service, provide technical support, process payments, provide anti-fraud services, manage regulatory alerts or notifications, provide marketing solutions, assist in order fulfillment, and organize events.
  • Social Media Platforms and Other Third-Party Services. Some of our websites contain certain features such as widgets, buttons, content, or other similar services that are provided by third parties (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest). If you choose to use or interact with these features, certain information may be shared with or collected by those third parties. For more information about what information is shared or collected, and how it is used, see the applicable company's privacy policy.

We may share your personal information with our service providers (companies operating on our behalf) and other third parties (companies with which we provide programs, products or services) for the purposes described in this policy and in accordance with applicable law. We do not sell your personal information to any organization or person; the only exception to this would be if we sell or transfer any part of our business.

Service Providers 

In the course of providing our programs, products, services, promotions, contests and events we may share personal information with our service providers. These service providers help us operate our business, technology systems and applications, internal procedures, infrastructure and advertising and marketing. They provide services to us such as data hosting, contest administration, email deployment, call centre, marketing, sales and processing or analysis of personal information. We require these service providers to limit their access to and/or use of personal information to what is required to provide their services and to comply with our privacy requirements.

 Third Parties 

In the course of providing certain of our programs, products and services, we may do so through arrangements with third parties. As a result, your personal information may be collected, used and shared by us and the applicable third party. These third parties may have their own privacy policies and terms and conditions, which will govern their use of your personal information. You will be informed upon signing up for the relevant program, product or service of the third party arrangement so that you can review the relevant privacy policies that apply.




Where the customer does not wish us to collect, use or disclose the customer’s personal information for specified purposes, the customer can opt-out from such collection, use and disclosure.  Please let us know and we will duly incorporate the lockbox (consent directive) in the customer’s health record. The files (could be physical or electronic) containing the customer’s personal information will be securely maintained by REJUUV.COM and its authorized employees or agents who need to access the information in the administration and provision of the services we provide to the customer.

By subscribing to our programs, products and services and/or submitting information to us in connection with using our programs, products and services, you are providing your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information as set out in this policy. In some cases, your consent may be “implied” i.e. your permission is assumed based on your action or inaction at the point of collection, use or sharing of your personal information.



10. The Customer’s Rights

The customer has the right to access and rectify the information contained in a file held about the customer.

Access to the customer’s Information

To obtain formal access to the customer’s information, the customer must make a request to REJUUV.COM in writing. We may ask for the customer to provide us with further information to process the request or ask that the customer pay a fee for processing the request as set out in the applicable legislation.

We will make every reasonable effort to assist the customer and to respond openly, accurately and completely.

We will create a record for the customer if:

  • it can be created from information that is in electronic form and it is in our custody or control, using normal computer hardware and software and technical expertise, and
  • creating the record would not unreasonably interfere with the operations of REJUUV.COM

You may have the following choices regarding your personal data:

  • Access to Your Personal Data. You may request access to your personal data, including a copy of your personal data, by following the instructions described in the Contact Details section below. If required by law, upon request, we will grant you reasonable access to the personal data that we have about you.
  • Changes to Your Personal Data. We rely on you to update and correct your personal data. Most of our websites allow you to modify or delete your account profile. Note that we may keep historical information in our backup files as permitted by law. If our website does not permit you to update or correct certain personal data, you may contact us at the address described in the Contact Details section below.
  • Deletion of Your Personal Data. Typically we retain your personal data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. You may, however, request information about how long we keep a specific type of personal data, or request that we delete your personal data by following the instructions described in the Contact Details section below. If required by law we will grant a request to delete personal data, but you should note that in many situations we must keep your personal data to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce our agreements, or for another one of our business purposes.
  • Objection to Certain Processing. You may object to our use or disclosure of your personal data by contacting us at the address described in the Contact Details section below.
  • Revocation of Consent. If you revoke your consent for the processing of personal data then we may no longer be able to provide you services. In some cases, we may limit or deny your request to revoke consent if the law permits or requires us to do so, or if we are unable to adequately verify your identity. You may revoke consent to processing (where such processing is based upon consent) by contacting us at the address described in the Contact Details section below.
  • Online Tracking. We do not currently recognize or respond to automated browser signals regarding tracking mechanisms, which may include "Do Not Track" instructions.
  • Promotional Emails. If, at any time, you no longer wish to receive details of our offers, news and events, you can unsubscribe using the hypertext link provided for this purpose in each mail we send you. If you decide not to receive promotional emails, we may still send you service related communications.
  • Promotional Text Messages. If you receive a text message from us that contains promotional information you can opt-out of receiving future text messages by replying “STOP.”


We may refuse to disclose information to the customer, if:

(a) the record is subject to a legal privilege that restricts disclosure;

(b) another Act or a court order prohibits disclosure;

(c) the information was collected or created primarily in anticipation of use in a proceeding, and the proceeding (including appeals) have not been concluded;

(d) the following conditions are met:

(i) the information was collected during an inspection, investigation or similar procedure, and

(ii) the inspection, investigation, or similar procedure have not been concluded.

(e) granting the access could reasonably be expected to,

(i) result in a risk of serious harm to the customer or another person,

(ii) lead to the identification of a person who was required by law to provide information in the record to us, or

(iii) lead to the identification of a person who provided information in the record to us in confidence.

Please note that under the law, we must make every reasonable effort to respond to a request within a set number of days after receiving the request or within any extended period.

In some circumstances, certain individuals may designate an authorized agent to submit requests to access or delete personal data. We will require verification that the authorized agent has permission to make such a request.



11. Correction or Amendment of the customer’s Information

If the customer believes there is an error or omission in the customer’s information, the customer may request in writing that we amend the information.

We must respond to a request to correct a record with a set number of days as set out in the applicable legislation or seek an extended period of time.

We also have the right to refuse to make the correction or amendment as set out by law. If we refuse to make the correction or amendment, we will provide the customer with written notice, including the reasons for the refusal.

We can refuse to make a correction or amendment that has been requested in respect of:

(a) a professional opinion or observation made by a health services provider about the customer, or

(b) a record that was not originally created by REJUUV.COM

If we refuse to correct a record, the customer can either:

(a) ask for a review of REJUUV.COM decision by the Commissioner; or

(b) submit a statement of disagreement setting out the requested correction or amendment and the customer’s reasons for disagreeing with our decision.

In order to exercise this right and in order to obtain information about our privacy practices and about our collection, use and disclosure of personal information, both by us and any service providers we contract with in Ontario or in other provinces, the customer can contact us at our following address.


145 Idema Rd Markham 

Ontario, Canada, L3R 1A9




We may make changes to this policy from time to time. Any changes we make will become effective when we post a modified version of the policy on our webpage. If we make any significant changes to the policy, we will post a notice on our websites. By continuing to participate in our programs, and/or use our services or purchase our products after the modified version of the policy has been posted, you are accepting the changes to the policy, subject to any additional requirements which may apply. If you do not agree to the changes in our policy, it is your responsibility to stop participating in our programs, and/or using our services or purchasing our products. It is your obligation to ensure that you read, understand and agree to the latest version of the policy. The “Effective Date” at the top of the policy indicates when it was last updated.