My Sylfirm X Treatment Experience And Post-Treatment Recovery Journey

My Sylfirm X Treatment Experience And Post-Treatment Recovery Journey

Ready to wave goodbye to acne scars and tired eyes? I recently had a spa appointment at Rejuuv Medi Spa for some well-deserved TLC. I went in knowing that I wanted to try the new hot RF micro needling Sylfirm X. After my consultation, the nurse took some 'before' treatment pics and then slathered numbing cream all over my face for about 30mins.


The nurse told me that since I will be using the Sylfirm X machine for my acne and acne scars, the settings are different from those for a rejuvenation mode. I will definitely feel the pain and prick throughout the procedure.


What Is Sylfirm X?

Similar to other laser treatments, taking Sylfirm X treatment can be an exciting yet slightly nerve-wracking experience. As the lasers go to work on your skin, you may feel time slowing down as every prick brings closer and closer results - for some of us with low pain tolerance, taking Tylenol beforehand is highly advised!


As someone who had Fractora, Morpheus, Fotona, and Thermage treatment, I can confidently say that Sylfirm X isn't nearly as painful as Fractora or Morpheus. It's slightly more uncomfortable than the non-invasive Fotona procedure. When undergoing a Sylfirm X session tiny needles deliver radio frequency energy through your skin - it may sound daunting but you'll be pleasantly surprised by how painless this sophisticated facial rejuvenation process is.


What Does Sylfirm X Help To Treat?

I went in seeking acne scar removal, and dark circle treatment. Doctor identified my dark circle due to a vein underneath, causing the darkened shade under my eye. I could opt for fotona laser or try the new Sylfirm X. Since I have done many Fotona rejuvenation sessions in the past, I always felt that Fotona is more like a monthly regular maintenance routine care then a treatment to cause significant improvement.


After my hour-long Sylfirm X acne treatment, I am in another round of eye rejuvenation sessions. The nurse asked me twice to make sure that I wanted a full eye rejuvenation instead of just a simple under-eye dark circle rejuvenation.

A full Sylfirm X eye rejuvenation is a total package requiring machine treatments on the eyelids, under the eyes, and brow area. Plus, this special treatment penetrates deep into your entire eye and surrounding area. A Sylfirm undereye rejuvenation focuses on that pesky undereye bag only.


Since I was already feeling the pain, I thought to myself, why not? I might as well suffer this one time and get through with the entire eye treatment. Halfway through my under-eye treatment, I was cringing to my treatment bed (no, it’s not as bad as it seems once it’s all over). I think the eyelid section was the toughest, your reflex will keep your eyes shut and crinkled.

I have to say, it feels worse across my eyelid area than under my eyes. But to ensure a successful treatment and help make the process easier on both you and your nurse's end, try relaxing as much as possible. That way their job will be made simpler--and yours less painful!


I was told that my eyes would be a little swollen after the treatment. To my surprise, my eyes swelled just a little for the remainder of the day. The next day I noticed a more visible puffiness around my entire eye as if I had a sleepless night.

Post-Treatment Care & Recovery

Immediately after the treatment, the nurse put on sunscreen for me and warned me to put on sunscreen carefully after the treatment.


That evening, I removed the sunscreen with micellar water. After the first 24 hours, I washed my face with water. After 48 hours, I thoroughly wash and cleanse my face with cleansing products.


After receiving medical advice to steer clear of any harsh chemicals or acids, I chose Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar as my go-to product for a full recovery (trust me, you will know exactly when you have fully recovered).


The first 3 days after my Sylfirm X eye treatment, I noticed my eye area had darkened and small dots were visible on both eyelids and under-eye. Fortunately, by day five, the darkness began to subside with some of the dark spots almost invisible! Keeping Sylfirm X treated areas well moisturized is where Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar comes in - what an amazing skincare savior for any skin troubles you may come across! A cheaper alternative would be the CytoDerma gel. The CytoDerma gel also helps with post-laser treatment, post laser lesion recovery. So next time when I go in for Morpheus I might switch up my Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar and try using CytoDerma gel for post-recovery care.


As for my Sylfirm X acne treatment, in the first 3 days, I had an unexpected side effect in the form of a new breakout. Luckily, this is perfectly normal due to being exposed directly to high levels of radio energy and doesn’t need extra worry on my part – though it does mean that recovery may take a bit longer than anticipated.


Day 6 after Sylfirm X, recovery is still in progress. But that doesn't mean you can't look ahead and resume your daily activities! By Day 3 it's likely you'll start seeing a dramatic improvement in skin healing. On Days 4 or 5, you may be tempted to return that party-readiness with makeup; but if possible wait until your complexion is comfortably back at pre-treatment levels for the full effect - and avoid any further post-procedural fallout!


What To Expect?

As I am a regular visitor to Medi spa for the latest tech laser skin treatments, here are some of my thoughts on the Sylfirm X treatment. Unlike Fotona and Picosure, Sylfirm X uses a bolder approach to skin treatment - though not necessarily painless it can offer more intense results for those who seek them.


For skin-penetrating procedures such as Fractora and Morpheus, Sylfirm X provides an extra layer of comfort even during acne treatments. Plus, with its reduced recovery time compared to the other two options, you won't have to wait too long before seeing results!


Seeking preventative treatment often reaps greater rewards than waiting for repair. You can witness incredible changes after one session, though the extent of these will depend on why you're undergoing treatment. To get the highest impact and results that last, preventive care is key!


Would I ever experience Sylfirm X again? It’s certainly possible, and doctor's orders will ultimately decide what my complexion needs next. But it'll be worth every ounce of effort - because when all is said and done, who doesn't want to take a peek in the mirror for refreshed eyes with revived radiance around them?

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