Pink Intimate System Journal

Pink Intimate System Journal

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Ladies, let's be real for a minute. I can't be the only one who's ever looked down and wondered if I could do a little redecorating down there. Or up top, for that matter. I remember clearly, there are many different life stages that I felt the need and desperately wanting change. After many years well into adulthood, I can still recount each of those occasions.

First was swimming class in high school, I always wondered If I could change my nipple color. Then university years, going to France every summer, wearing a lot of bikinis making friends with a lot of very open (super confident girls), I wondered if I could change the darkened skin at the top of my inner thigh. Of course, there’s the moment when you get into long term relationships and wondered if you can change the color of your down there.

I am brutally honest and open, because as a woman, I do feel secure and happy about where I am and who I have become. And it doesn’t make it hard for me to admit that I went through times in my life that I felt I had to change to be happier about myself for the wrong reason. Yes, I felt that if I had lighter nipple color I would probably be prettier. Now thinking about it, for someone who owns my nipples I hardly ever see them, how would the color of what they are really play a difference In my well being. Of course when you get into long term relationships, or when you enter that sensitive time period of postpartum, you wonder if you need a makeover for your down there to grasp on to your individualism and sexiness.

But these are just phases I went through. Endless google search told me I’m not the only one who ever wondered these things, lots of weird products and so called home remedies that never works proves to me endless people are also searching for vaginal lightening, nipple lightening. I have to admit that thanks to social media and the disappearing popularity of Victoria Secret models, our social awareness of body inclusivity and love ourselves for whatever whoever we are is amazing for our mental health.

During my recent visit to Rejuuv Medi Spa for an Aquagold facial, I stumbled upon a product called Pink Intimate sitting on the shelf. Naturally, I had to know more, so I went home and spent hours Googling everything about it. And let me tell you, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since! I'm just so curious to know what it would be like, if it actually works, and how it feels. Don't get me wrong, I love my body, but who says I can't try something new? After all, that's what technology and product development are all about, right?

I took the plunge and bought it! And let me tell you, I am beyond excited. The mere prospect of possibly getting a new pair of nipples for under $200 (including tax and a drive down to Yonge & Finch) has me over the moon. I've always prided myself on trying out new experiences, even when they're not entirely necessary. But hey, life is short, and why not have a little fun and experiment with something like this?

Read the instructions, to paraphrase its pretty simple.
1. Clean the area you want to use Pink Intimate System with water, pat dry.
2. Open the Pink Intimate Bottle, attach the dropper nozzle.
3. Based on the size of that area you only need a few drops, massage, then turn your phone timer to 3 minutes.
4. Whip clean with a cotton pad with water, dry the area, then repeat the same process 2 more times ( 3 x in total).

Tips on Using Pink Intimate (based on my experience)
1. Use disposable gloves when applying Pink Intimate. Why? Because this liquid is very sticky.
2. Have cotton pads, water (I used micellar water) handy.
3. Use a timer, to set that 3 minutes mark.
4. Tie your hair if you have long hair.
5. Keep that rubber lid of the Pink Intimate bottle don’t toss it out, you can use that to close the Pink Intimate bottle with the lid once you are done.

Post Treatment Of Pink Intimate System

You only need to do this treatment once a week (clean-apply-repeat 3 times). It is recommended to continue treatment for at least 4-5 weeks, which means that it will take at least a month to see any result (patience is key). So once you have done your first treatment, I recommend you pull apart the dropper nozzle, wash with water, set aside and let it dry. Close the Pink Intimate solution bottle with that rubber lid, then store all this in a dark, cool, dry environment. Set a calendar reminder and do it again a week later, repeat it for 5 weeks.

I will report back once I have used it for 5 weeks on my personal results. Some personal experience on using the Pink Intimate System. If you plan on using it for your nipples, then having two timer and plenty of cotton pad and at least a paper towel handy is crucial. Unless you plan on finishing one side before treating your other side. This treatment process takes at least 15 minutes or so (I did both sides at the same time). The Pink Intimate System solution have this scent, it’s not a fancy La Mer type of scent, but it is not as unpleasant as Skinceutical’s CF serum, so it’s tolerable. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap after you are done with the treatment.

Who Is Pink Intimate System Suitable For? Should You Try Pink Intimate System?

Theoretically, anyone who wants to lighten, brighten certain area of your body, you can give this a try, (not if you are breast feeding, maybe not on your nipples).
And of course, you don’t need to lighten any part of your body to please someone else or to feel more loved.

BUT if you feel that brightening some parts of your body (your labia, your nipples) can make you feel happier, more satisfied about yourself, and love your body more, then WHY NOT? Oh please, don’t get cynical or judemental, just cause I want to brighten my nipples, does not mean I don’t love my self. In contrary, I do so much for my body and self, shows how deeply and genuinely I want to be happy, about me for me! I am crazy about me, I want to feel happy, confident, in love with my body, no matter the age, my size, the season of the year, the clothes I put on. I am comfortable being me. If you think about it, if you need to clean, dust, renovate your own home to keep it as lovely as you first moved it, you should probably do the same about your body. Whatever makes you happy mentally and physically, that’s the self love I am aiming for. Yeah, go to Indigo, buy some books, light a candle, do a tea bath while read a book, practice meditation. Those are all good ways of self love. But whose to say getting laser treatment for your face and body, a little botox, some Pink Intimate, and annual breast exam are not good forms of self care and self love?

For less than $200CAD, I'm about to upgrade my nipple game and become the talk of the town... or bedroom. My abs are already toned to perfection, so it's time to give my nips a little love and attention too. Some may call me superficial, but I prefer the term "committed to self-improvement". Watch out world, because with my new pink and perky nips, I'm ready to take on any occasion in my birthday suit!

Week 2 Sunday Treatment Session 2

Sunday again, I now label this my Pink Treatment Day. I washed up and started treatment. I repeated 4 times. Now I am Googling to see when will I see result. How many treatment does it need before I see significant improvement with my Pink Intimate Treatment. So far, personally I have not noticed any difference yet. Just to be sure, I took some photos of my “before”, so I can make comparison at week 4 and week 6, to see if there’s any difference in the coloration.

I look forward to reporting back on the progress of my treatment.

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