Rejuuv Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover with Built-in LED Light, White

This precise rechargeable eyebrow hair remover is used to remove undesired and scattered eyebrows on the top and bottom of the eyebrows without causing any discomfort and pain. It is suitable for all skin types and provides a gentle shave without causing any pulls, nicks, or redness. You can finally say goodbye to pimples produced by constant plucking. With Ni-Mh battery, it can be charged through the USB charging cable. The built-in LED light makes it easy to follow every curve of the body and ensures that no hair is missed.


One-button operation makes it simple to turn on and off for a quick hair removal experience, and it can be operated with either the left or right hand. Its cordless and rechargeable battery-operated features make it easy to carry and store in your handbag, purse, pocket, or bag. The head is also detachable, allowing you to easily remove the hair from the cutting head after each use. Shaving the beard, trimming the eyebrows, sideburns, mustache, and whiskers are all possible with this tool.



EFFECTIVE & PAINLESS - Immediately remove undesired and scattered eyebrows without causing any pain, pulls, or redness, safe to use on all skin types.

USB RECHARGEABLE WITH LED LIGHT - It can be charged via the charging cable and the built-in LED light ensures precise eyebrow shaping and hair removal.

ONE BUTTON OPERATION - Turn it on and off with a single press for a quick hair removal experience, say goodbye to traditional tweezers, and no more plucking.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - It's small enough to fit in your handbag, purse, pocket, or bag, carry it with you anytime, anywhere.

DETACHABLE HEAD - The cutting head is detachable for easy cleaning. You can easily remove the hair from the cutting head after use.


  1. Turn on the power switch, the machine works, and the indicator light is on.
  2. Move the machine against the direction of beard growth, and move it smoothly, back and forth.
  3. We suggest using it in dry environments (use it before/after washing face)
  4. Make sure the power is off when replacing the cutting head.
  5. Please keep the machine off when charging.
  6. Do not insert the blade into the ear canal deeply, otherwise, it may hurt the ear canal.


Battery: Ni-Mh battery

Voltage: 5V/1A

Power: 2W


Remove the cutting head, use the cleaning brush to clean it.